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Artificial intelligence is at the core of the new digital transformation trend. We now know that the changes are more promising and more step than all other waves of technology that we have encountered.

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We deliver state-of-the-art, fully customizable and adaptable detection systems. It's time to understand who your customers really are and gain valuable insights into their shopping habits.

Detect if people wear protective equipment/uniform. Try

People working under suspended load. Try

Monitor if people are lying on the floor. Try

Count number of people on site. Try

Monitor if employees are in dangerous situations. Try

Detect vehicles in the area. Try

Monitor if employees are talking to mobile phones. Try

Monitor if employees are talking to mobile phones. Try

How It Works

AI Smart Surveillance Technologies can directly impact the quality of life of workers in risk areas, such as mobility, safety and security.

There are huge amounts of data in videos from CCTV systems that are not used. We create and implement Video Analytics Products tailored to client’s need without any camera constraints or licenses for AI. We write our own AI algorithms and implement big data analysis consuming the data analyzed. Our products are for Unattended real-time supervision & Data Analysis.
Our products are very easy to integrate into the customer's current ICT infrastructure. The systems we developed connect to CCTV cameras or DVRs and analyze real-time source video streams. Data automatically extracted by AI algorithms is consumed in real time so that it can send alerts or be centralized in other analysis and reporting systems. The customer does not have to upgrade to the current surveillance systems; Video analysis is performed in cloud or on PCs.

AI systems are at the state-of-the-art performance level - this means that the AI ​​algorithm "sees" or interprets a video better than a person does or the result is among the best internationally.

Analytics & Alerts

Get a better understanding of your business with intuitive, detailed analytics. Stay up-to-date and in control with real-time alerts, received straight to your preferred device.

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Metrics For Success

Numbers don't lie. Our clients speak for the merits of the AI Video Analytics system. Founded in 2017, Securifai is already a reference in the industry.




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Excited to see our AI Video Analytics systems in action? Check out what our smart technology can do in real life scenarios.

Testimonials & Reviews

Don't take us for our word! Here's what some of our clients have to say about our services.

Bogdan Chirita
At Orange, we strive to deliver the latest and most interesting technology for our customers businesses. Integrating SecurifAI products for retail industry, means that our customers are able to obtain valuable data by analyzing videos from existing cameras, calculating product stocks on the shelfs in real-time, classifying area of interest based on number of visitors and manage alerts for exceeding maximum que length at cashiers. Orange guarantees with the most secured cloud infrastructure and SecurifAI encrypts the sensitive information to ensure only ownership access.
Bogdan Chirita, Strategic Partnership Manager at Orange Business Services

Bogdan Enoiu
Being a company with world-wide footprint, we understand the value of intelligent marketing; what it counts is not only great ideas with wonderful images, but also more real-time data gathered directly from shop owners from shelves; just a few pictures/minute can make the difference for our clients between targeting by chance and targeting with precision and with the right products, compliant with layout/planogram.
Bogdan Enoiu, Director General, McCann Worldgroup România

Monica Obogeanu
Queue management and fast service for the visitors of our medium and large retailers, are one important indicator for their sales; heat-maps for crowded transit areas in malls and large shops are also a very important decision factor for targeted adds. Without disclosing visitors sensitive information, we can extract data from video, while keeping it anonymized and thus better position product & services for the end consumer.
Monica Obogeanu, Startup Programs Manager at Orange

Madalin Dumitru
Short description of how the thermal camera fever detection feature works.
Madalin Dumitru, CEO & Founder of Cyber Smart Defence part of Stefanini Group

Vladimir Sterescu
Avoid overcrowding by identifying how many people are gathered in one place at the same time.
Vladimir Sterescu, Senior Vice President at Computer Generated Solutions

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Through our published research papers & algorithms used in the implemented projects we delivered so far, we have proved the strong competences required to dynamically shift the lagging camera agnostic AI video processing systems, which brings us very close to our mission: affordable AI based technology in commercial use.

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